The motion to make a written offer to purchase the assets of SVHRC (nursing home) was made and approved unanimously at the May 2019 SV Village Board meeting. Photo by Paul J. Seeling
The motion to make a written offer to purchase the assets of SVHRC (nursing home) was made and approved unanimously at the May 2019 SV Village Board meeting. Photo by Paul J. Seeling

SPRING VALLEY, WI – The Village of Spring Valley held its regular monthly meeting for May on Thursday, May 2.

President Marsha Brunkhorst called the meeting to order and roll was called with all present except Trustee Richard O’Connell who missed the roll call, but joined the meeting later in session. Village Clerk Luann Emerson was also present. Chief DuBois was out attending to an incident with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, but did arrive at the end of the Open Session of the meeting.

The meeting followed the revised published agenda with all of the minutes of the March 21 Special Mtg, April 8 Board Mtg, and the April 16 Annual Mtg approved.

Agenda item 1 was: “Pony pull date and location, any other details.” There was no one immediately available to address this item that had been a Facebook notice apparently in conjunction with The Spillway bar. The Board noted that no one had contacted the Village about this and no permits would be issued without approval.

Near the end of the meeting Kelly Neidemyer did come into the meeting to discuss this as representative of the Horse Pullers Association. She stated that the idea was to coordinate a horse pull in Spring Valley on June 9, a day after the Pull in Elmwood as all the Drivers would then be in the area from all over the state. After much discussion about location options and the lack thereof, it was agreed that the field behind Ideal Door in the Spring Valley Industrial Park would be a suitable location. A plan for the event would have to be presented to the village very soon.

Item 2 – “Final approval Building Inspector contract.” This was discussed and approved with the understanding that the Village cannot have a Building Inspector on staff. This will be a two-year contract and will increase the cost of building permits as the cost to the Village will be passed on to those needing the permit since there will be more paperwork involved.

Item 3 – “Aubart/Gregory property update.” President Brunkhorst stated that is all up to the land owners.

Item 4 – “Chad Hoyt property update.” This involves a small piece of Village land that abuts the Hoy property. It was decided that Cedar Corp would do a survey and bill the Village for it. Once the survey was completed Hoyt would purchase the property from the Village.

Item 5 – “Approve Operator’s Licenses.” These are for McKenzie Olson and Brooke Davis at The Spillway. Approved unanimously.

Item 6. “PW updates.” Trustee Vorlicek, President Brunkhorst and Clerk Luann Emerson did report on the inquiry made by Kristin Shilling about the soon to be abandoned well property adjoining her property. Shilling has expressed an interest in purchasing the property and the small building over the wellhead on the property. It is on an unbuildable lot. This was referred to the Village Attorney to determine if this would have to be let out for pubic bid or not.

Vorlicek then reported on other Public Works items that will be addressed in the future. One item of note was that the brush pile in the Industrial Park was scheduled for removal this week.

Item 7. “Pay requests/Treasurer’s report.”  All approved unanimously.

Item 8. “Set June monthly board meeting.” The June Village Board meeting is scheduled for June 6 at 6: 15 p.m.

Following the dispatch of the above agenda items the Board moved on to - Reports/committees that met during the month:

Police monthly update/Emergency Services committee – This was respectfully filed following the meeting by Chief DuBois. It states the following: 3 citations issued for traffic and ordinance violations. School position has started for remainder of school year at 8 hrs/wk. Met with Attorney General Kaul today with area Chiefs in New Richmond. Calls for service are on pace with same time last year. Ordinance violation notices will be delivered the week of May 6 to properties in violation. Mutual Aids: 2 to Pierce SO with 11 YTD, 1 from Elmwood PD with 1 YTD, 0 to Elmwood PD with 2 YTD.

Municipal Development committee – Trustee O’Connell reported on three items: Playground to be spotted at Handy Andy Park, Subdivision lots sales this month were 0; payment on lots will be due on August 1.

Finance committee – Brunkhorst reported that reviews for Police and Public Works will be due by August or September.

Library - O’Connell reported that the 4th grade students had visited and had follow-up assignments to write about that. They gave glowing reports about the Spring Valley Public Library. O’Connell read a few and they were indeed nice reports.

Clerk’s Report  - Open Book and Board of Review are scheduled.

President’s Report - none

There was then a Motion to go into closed session pursuant to WI State Statute 19.85 (1)(e) Deliberating or negotiating the purchasing of public properties, the investing of public funds, or conducting other specified public business.

A Motion to go into open session followed.

A motion was then made to make a formal offer for the purchase of the Spring Valley Health and Rehabilitation Center. The motion to make a written offer to purchase the assets of SVHRC was made by Trustee Dale Jacobson with a second by Trustee O’Connell. The vote was Ayes: 6   No: 0 - Motion carried.

The May meeting for the Spring Valley Village Board was then adjourned.