By Cari Cornelius, Gateway News

SPRING VALLEY, WI – Tickets are now available to be reserved for the Spring Valley Elementary School annual 2nd and 3rd grade dinner theater on May 2, 2019.

This year, via the Spring Valley school’s Facebook page, a link is available to reserve tickets. Due to the 2nd and 3rd grade classes being one of the biggest in history, tickets are only available to be reserved April 15 – 21 for the immediate family of the students to ensure they get to watch their children’s performance. 

Other’s can use this link to reserve their tickets the 22-26. There will be a limit of 600 tickets this year, and a family limit of four, so reserve your spot early (now!), and remember, anyone can come at 7:00 pm to watch the show without dinner. There is a fee of $6 for the dinner/show only. 

We will have more information next week from the dinner theater coordinator, Renee Dykhouse.