SPRING VALLEY, WI - It’s a cliche to say that a team is only as good as it’s leaders, but when you have leaders that are unselfish, that are tutors to younger players, that are willing to put their own stats aside for the better of the team, then you have successful leaders, and thus a successful program.

Spring Valley head basketball coach Rob Bosshart has a couple of good leaders that have plenty of experience on the varsity floor. Senior Dylan Bosshart and junior Aaron Borgerding are those leaders that are unselfish, tutor and are willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the team.

Bosshart scored an average of 12 points per game last year for the team that finished with a 12-11 record and were very much in the hunt in many games last year.

Borgerding led the team with a 12.7 point per game average last year and stepped up into a leadership role as the primary ball handler, as a sophomore.

The duo combined for almost 10 rebounds and more than six assists per game last year, so the unselfish play has been something they have been used to for a while.

Beyond those two, there are three more players that had significant playing time on the varsity floor last year, senior Lance McMurrin, junior Trevor Stangl and sophomore Mike Bauer. That trio will look to fill in the scoring vacated by five graduating players, including all-conference player Tyson Kado, who scored 11 points per game and eight rebounds per game last year.

“Our success as a team will be dependent on who can step up their play and make contributions,” Bosshart said. “But we need to know that there are going to be some growing pains with how much inexperience we have on the floor and coming off the bench.”

Some of those players include senior Josh Hannack, junior Cade Hannack and sophomore Colton Kotval, and Bosshart does tend to use his bench quite a lot during games.

Bosshart has prided himself on building teams and building relationships with players that go well beyond the playing floor.

“I don’t focus on wins and losses, that will just tear you apart,” Bosshart said. “I really just enjoy seeing the boys develop into a team and into young men that play for each other, that is a better way to measure success.”

The program Bosshart has built is shown by their ability to field three teams this year. Last year the Cardinals finished third in the conference with an 8-6 mark. Bosshart feels that the conference may again be up for grabs.

“There are certainly some good teams out there,” Bosshart said. Durand went undefeated last year and Elk Mound is always tough. Colfax suffered some key injuries that hurt their chances last year, but they have a lot of players back too and they are healthy now. “Really anything can happen.”

It may take some time, but the direction of the program is going in the direction the coach wants it to. It’s the same direction the leaders are taking it.