The building plans are laid out in Marks office at iMARK Molding. Photo by Paul J. Seeling
The building plans are laid out in Marks office at iMARK Molding. Photo by Paul J. Seeling

WOODVILLE, WI – It has been one year less a day that Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch joined company officials, state and local leaders, family and guests in the official groundbreaking ceremony at iMARK Molding in the Woodville Industrial Park.

The ground was broken for the company’s $18 million expansion that will more than triple the size of the company’s existing 38,640-square-foot facility to meet current and future demand for its high-quality medical products. The huge 91,684 square foot iMARK building expansion with a new state-of-the-art ISO Class 7 Pharma Grade Cleanroom will make this a company leader in their industry. The construction on the building shell is complete. It is full speed ahead to get the clean room completed, certified and put into production. January is the target to have the cleanroom in production if possible. April 2019 is the tentative completion target for the whole project with a lot of details to be accomplished along the way.

Durand Builders is the General Contractor on the project with a lot of local Wisconsin subcontractors like Woodville’s Albrightson Excavating.

The Woodville Leader had the pleasure of taking a tour of the new expansion and then sitting down with company founder, visionary and President Mark Sturtevant for an interview to bring you a construction update on the iMARK Molding Expansion project in the Woodville Industrial Park.

I was met at the front door of the gleaming white and glass iMark Molding building by the smiling Vice President of Finance Linda Sturtevant who chatted with me briefly as we waited for Mark to finish a phone call. Linda informed me the company had just gone through a planned electrical transformer switch over that morning that had the power off for four or five hours. The day before they had the first lift of asphalt installed in what had been the mud and gravel parking lot. They were grateful that both items had been completed.

Once off the phone Mark ushered me into the cavernous construction zone of the expansion of iMark Molding beginning with the future employee entrance and visitor foyer. That is next to the new area for administration that will occupy two floors.

As is the case in the original building there are expansive window walls for natural lighting throughout these areas and that is also the case in the molding production areas in the original building. 

From that area we proceed to the vast warehouse and shipping areas that also includes room for future expansion for the company.

Heading east from that space we came to the large space for the new employee lounge that will be stocked with a coffee bar, microwave ovens and the like; Mark’s description made it sound quite nice and there is even an outdoor patio adjoining the space where a grill and tables will be set up for open air dining. What with three shifts running 24/7 it makes sense to have this kind pleasant lunchroom environment for the employees.

Mark said they have just started a weekend shift.

When the ground was broken last year Sturtevant had proclaimed, “We’re hiring!” And that is still true. As part of the development grant funding from the state WEC the company needs to have at least 40 new hires within four to five years. Mark told me they have 10 of those now and are looking for more.

“We are a high-tech company looking for people to contribute to what we are doing,” he exclaimed and reiterated the iMARK core value of, “Hard right, never easy wrong!”

Sturtevant continued, “Our customers are so happy with our integrity, it is a big thing for us,” he stated sincerely and concluded that they treat the iMARK employees the same way. “We don’t please anyone by trying to pull any fast ones,” he said.

When asked Mark said yes, he is pleased with being in Woodville and the close proximity to the Twin Cities and the quality of the talent pool here.

“The turnover rate is low. We don’t have people leaving us,” Sturtevant stated.

He discussed the training program at iMARK for the quality inspectors with the company and that they need more of them.

Medical products is all they have produced for the last ten years at iMARK Molding in Woodville and the market is good and Sturtevant expects to bring on a lot more with the new cleanroom that will allow them to expand diagnostic products and more. They currently manufacture specialty surgical products like infant chest spreaders, etc.

With the construction on track Mark and Linda Sturtevant both felt the company may look at having an Open House next fall when all of the construction dust at iMARK Molding has settled and the nice new landscape will be completed too.

Sounds like a plan worth looking forward to in Woodville at iMARK Molding next fall!