Woodville High School Class of 1953. Submitted photo from yearbook
Woodville High School Class of 1953. Submitted photo from yearbook

Submitted by Elaine Albrightson, Woodville Class of ‘53

WOODVILLE, WI – It has been sixty-four years since we graduated from Woodville High School. We meet once each year to eat lunch and visit. We discuss the past, present, and future. We acknowledge many special moments of our lives!

On Wednesday August 9, 2017, we were welcomed to Norseman Manor by residents Donna (Anderson) and Leland Wilson, and manager Penny Dittman. How special! Once again, the Woodville Café provided our food. Each person received a menu and we called the café and ordered our choices. Soon Don arrived and delivered our food; we all thanked him for his efficient service. Dorothy (Shifland) Larson provided a delicious dessert, which everyone enjoyed.

Only four of our classmates were able to attend this year: Donna Wilson, Dorothy Larson, Marlene (Rousch) Thomas, and Elaine (Solum) Albrightson. JoAnne (Crear) Spears of Baldwin was ill. I spoke with Lois (Burch) Klingehoets and Charlette (Johnson) Schulz, by phone before the luncheon. Lois lives in Boise, Idaho and she complained of all of the smoke that they were enduring due to the wildfires. Charlette of Waukesha, WI said, “I’m still kicking!” They will receive a letter containing the Woodville Leader article and a note from each classmate.

Class members who are gone but remain in our hearts are: Marvin Monicken, Don Johnson, Robert Solum, Clifford Solum, Joanne (Albrightson) Jenson, Bob O’Neil, John Helgeson, and Donald Anderson. Next year will be our 65th reunion!