Emily and Alexa with the Tooth Fairy. Submitted photo
Emily and Alexa with the Tooth Fairy. Submitted photo

By Syttende Mai Princesses Emily Olsem, Isabel Vance, and Lillie Smith

WOODVILLE, WI – This weekend we all separated. We headed to Glenwood City, Osceola, and Prescott.

Alexa and Emily went to Prescott for this weekend for Prescott Daze. Since Prescott doesn't have an ambassador/royalty program there wasn't a Queen's Tea, so we were able to sleep in a little more Sunday morning. Once we got to the parade line-up we saw that besides Syttende Mai, River Falls was the only other royalty there, but Alexa and I had fun walking around and seeing the other floats.

During the parade, we heard a lot of kids calling the dragon on the ship a dinosaur, which was cute and funny! While we didn't really do a lot at Prescott we had a lot of fun hanging out with each other and representing our fair village!

Faith and Lillie went to Glenwood City. We got to see the new court, and we would like to wish them congratulations. The Queen’s Tea was boat/beach themed, and we got some fun pictures. The wait for the parade was a little long, but we listened to music to make the time pass quicker. It was a very beautiful day for a parade and I'm glad we went to Glenwood City.

Isabel went to Osceola this weekend. Since it was just me, they spruced up my dad’s truck to use in the parade. I'd like to thank my parents for driving for the Osceola parade.

Sincerely your 2017-2018 Syttende Mai Court Princesses Faith Smith, Emily Olsem, Isabel Vance, Lillie Smith and Queen Alexa Rimer