Dist. Gov. Pat Furey with the 'Stop Diabetes' award from Camp Needlepoint. Photo by Paul J. Seeling
Dist. Gov. Pat Furey with the 'Stop Diabetes' award from Camp Needlepoint. Photo by Paul J. Seeling

WOODVILLE, WI – The Woodville Lions Club held their regular meeting for February on Monday the 11th when they welcomed the District Governor and inducted a new member Andrew Timmerman into the club. And they also recognized four members for their longevity as Woodville Lions.

President J.R. Dachel called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Lion Larry Knegendorf gave a long inspirational table prayer.

The guests, District 27E2 Governor Pat Furey and Syttende Mai First Princess Libby Whirry were introduced prior to everyone going to the buffet line for the delicious meal catered by the Woodville Café.

The agenda was brief for this special meeting; the announcements were made but the Treasurers Report and Secretary’s reports were tabled for this month.

Lion Dachel called on Syttende Mai First Princess Libby Whirry to give an update of the Court’s activities at the St. Paul Winter Carnival where despite the January cold the three Royals from Woodville had a great time!

President Dachel turned the floor over to District Governor Pat who first held up the “Stop Diabetes” award given to all of the Lions Clubs in the District for their ongoing support of Camp Needlepoint the annual one-week summer camp for kids with diabetes to attend for free. At Camp Needlepoint the kids get to enjoy all of the joys of summer camp while being with other kids just like them who have diabetes. “This is your award! As he held the award up for all to see he said, “I want you all to see it and feel proud that your contributions make a difference in the lives of the kids that can attend Camp Needlepoint and have for the past 30 years now!” 

The District Governor then spoke of his theme of “It’s Time” with six items he is pursuing for the 48 clubs in Wisconsin Lions District 27E2. They are: “Members” – each club needs to work on inviting more people to join the Lions Club. “Increase Service” – Gov. Pat stated that the Woodville Lions are a great example of “Service” with all of the many things they do. He will encourage us to continue that and he will do so with the other 47 clubs in the district. “Take Responsibility for Projects Started” – And make sure that they are completed, including making sure to “take care of Woodville first!” Next is “International Initiatives” - Become committed to accomplishing some of the International Lions Club Initiatives such as Vision, Hunger, Environment, Diabetes Education and the newly added Childhood Cancer that has successfully raised over $200,000 for new treatment equipment now being used at the Children’s Hospital in Madison; it replaces blood with new T-cells in a miraculous 4 hours.

Fifth on his list was “Training”- for all Lions and he elaborated on this. Next and lastly was “Step-up and Serve” – more leaders are needed at the District and Club level.

Dist Gov. Furey apologized for forgetting the Years of Service Chevron pins, but promised to bring them back when he visits in May.

Nonetheless Lion Larry Knegendorf was recognized for 40 years as a Woodville Lion and Lori Johnson, Julie Mahoney and Terry Stone were recognized for their 10 years of service to the Woodville Lions.

With that district Gov. Furey then called Andrew Timmerman and his sponsor, his dad, Don Timmerman up for the induction to join the other 1.4 million Lions in 48,000 clubs in 200 countries globally.

Andrew said he would serve the Woodville Lions Club faithfully and Don promised to support Andrew as a fellow Lion. They then each took turns pinning Lions pins to their shirts.

That covered the major elements of the meeting and it was then adjourned for February.