Scott Mathison (left) and Michael Mattison are the co-owners of Baldwin Woodville Insurance Services and Arneson Insurance Agency and they are ready to serve all of your insurance needs. Photo by Paul J. Seeling
Scott Mathison (left) and Michael Mattison are the co-owners of Baldwin Woodville Insurance Services and Arneson Insurance Agency and they are ready to serve all of your insurance needs. Photo by Paul J. Seeling

BALDWIN & SPRING VALLEY, WI – Michael Mattison and Scott Mathison are pleased to announce they now bring over a century of company experience and service to the local insurance consumer with the combined Arneson Insurance Agency of Spring Valley and Baldwin Woodville Insurance Services of Baldwin.

These two young men have succeeded their dad’s in joining together to forge this strong new entity.

On June 1, 2017, Jay Arneson, third generation owner of the successful Spring Valley Arneson Insurance Agency, sent a letter to his clients with the announcement that the agency would be “joining forces” with Baldwin Woodville Insurance Service and the addition of Scott Mathison joining Jay in the Arneson Agency in the Spring Valley Office as a licensed agent. Jay will be remaining for at least the next four years.

Both the Arneson Insurance Agency and Baldwin Woodville Insurance Services have a long local history of outstanding insurance service. Let’s look at the history of both newly combining companies.

Arneson Insurance Agency was founded on November 7, 1899 when the St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company issued a contract to John A. Martin.  The Arneson name was not associated with the agency until 1915 when Melvin Emerson and Corvin Arneson joined together to form the Emerson-Arneson Agency.  In 1932 Corvin Arneson bought out Melvin Emerson and the name was changed to Arneson Insurance Agency.  Corvin’s son, Ary Arneson, became affiliated with the agency in 1945 after his release from the Air Force where served our nation with distinction in WWII.  Ary was active in the agency for close to 70 years, except for 21 months when he was recalled to active duty during the Korean War. Ary passed away just recently at the age of 94. He had continued to serve his clients at the agency continuously right up to his peaceful passing. Ary’s son, Jay Arneson, obtained his insurance license in 1978 and in 1988 took over ownership of the agency.   

Baldwin Insurance Agency was started in 1935 by Harvey Kesnick and sold to Wilbur L. Mattison in 1939. In 1976 Dave Mattison joined his father in the insurance business and became sole owner in 1989. In 2008 Michael Mattison joined his father, Dave, in the business.  Michael, his wife Nadya and daughter Sophia live in Baldwin.

On August 5, 2008 David Mattison a lifelong resident of Baldwin, WI and owner of Baldwin Insurance Agency merged his agency with Dennis Mathison (Scott Mathison’s father), a lifelong resident of Woodville, WI, and owner of Woodville Insurance Agency, forming Baldwin Woodville Insurance Services.

Dennis Mathison had purchased Woodville Insurance Agency from Milo Carlson in 1994. Mr. Carlson had purchased the agency, which originally started in 1933 from Citizens State Bank of Woodville, Wisconsin. Both Carlson and Mathison had worked at Woodville Insurance while they were employed at Citizens State Bank in the 1970s and 1980s.

Combined, the Mattisons and Mathisons now have over 100 years of insurance experience serving the Baldwin, Woodville and now Spring Valley communities in both personal and commercial lines of insurance. 

It was on July 1, 2017, that Baldwin Woodville Insurance Services officially joined with the Arneson Insurance Agency.  Michael Mattison said, “We will work hard with Mr. Arneson and his staff in bringing the area the excellent insurance service it has become accustomed to receiving from Arneson Insurance Agency for over a century.”

The agency will continue to operate as Arneson Insurance Agency in its Spring Valley offices.  “We will continue to provide the broad range of insurance companies and products you need, and you will still be working with the same great staff of Jay Arneson, Mary Ducklow and Barb Esanbock who you know and trust, said co-owner Scott Mathison.

Scott is a licensed property and casualty insurance agent who was born and raised in Woodville, Wisconsin. He is the son of Debbie and Dennis Mathison. Scott grew up in an insurance family with his dad’s ownership of the Woodville Insurance Agency. Scott has lived in Spring Valley since 2008 with his wife Angela and their three children, Audrey (10), Stella (7) and Liam (5). Their three kids attend Spring Valley Schools.

He is the former owner of On Target Computers that has allowed him to get to know the community well. Scott is excited, honored and eager to be a part of Arneson Insurance and Baldwin Woodville Insurance Services.

Baldwin Woodville Insurance Services and Arneson Insurance Agency provides personal, commercial, life and health insurance throughout the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  

Both Michael Mattison and Scott Mathison state they will work diligently to provide the best service possible for all your insurance needs. You can contact Michael Mattison and Baldwin Woodville Insurance Services by phone at 715 684-2400 and the website at For Scott Mathison and the Arneson Insurance Agency you can call 715 778-4494 and the website at