Ready for the E-bike demo (L to R) are Cinda Sue Eggers, Eric Fredrickson Alison Page, Andy Palmer and Lynn Huiskamp at the WW Health Fitness Center. Photo by Paul J. Seeling
Ready for the E-bike demo (L to R) are Cinda Sue Eggers, Eric Fredrickson Alison Page, Andy Palmer and Lynn Huiskamp at the WW Health Fitness Center. Photo by Paul J. Seeling

BALDWIN, WI – Eric Fredrickson and Andy Palmer of Art Doyle’s Bike Shop of Hudson teamed up with Western Wisconsin Health’s (WW Health) National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach Lynn Huiskamp for a fun E-bike demonstration.

Frederickson and Palmer are two of the six full-time year-round bike mechanics at Art Doyle’s Bike Shop who brought five Wisconsin manufactured E-bikes to the WW Health Fitness Center to try out. The demo took place on Monday, April 15 for two hours from 4 to 6 p.m.

The two guys from Art Doyle’s brought four Treks and one Civa battery-powered electric assist two-wheel bicycles of various sizes to let people experience what Health & Wellness Coach Lynn Huiskamp described as “feeling the wheeee!” factor when the electric assist kicks in.

It was estimated that over 25 people stopping by the Fitness Center would get fitted by Andy or Eric and take one of the shiny new E-bikes out for spin around the parking lot for a quick demo.

One of those who demoed an E-bike was WW Health CEO Alison Page who like this reporter had a big smile on her face after we experienced the “Wheeeeeeeee! factor as we pedaled, and the assist of the battery power came on.

Health & Wellness Coach Huiskamp who describes herself as a bike evangelist said, “I see a lot of sedentary people with various health issues such as diabetes and other maladies that can be helped by committing to some form of physical activity.” She pointed out that biking is the best exercise if you have feet or knee pain. Your support muscles will get strong from riding a bike. With stronger support muscles your pain should decrease.

Huiskamp continued, “The E-bike is a perfect way to get a fast pay back on cardio vascular exercise as you increase your fitness AND it is really fun when you get to experience that ‘wheeeeee’ factor as the electric assist kicks in when you start to pedal and get out this spring for a bike ride.

“We are supportive of all forms of physical activity and know bicycling is a good one and we think with an E-bike more people will be able to get out and do it regularly,” said CEO Page.

Huiskamp said she asked Art Doyle’s Spokes and Pedals Bike Shop to come to the Fitness Center with some of their E-Bikes as she prefers to work with a local bike shop rather than a big box retailer as you get reliable knowledge and dependable service along with good value. Doyle has 35 years of experience in downtown Hudson.

The E-bikes are not cheap (the demos were in the $2,500 range), but they are obviously well built in Wisconsin and carry good warranties. The rechargeable battery is guaranteed for 500 charges and each charge is good for about 100 miles of fun “wheeee” factor. If bought at Spokes and Pedals bike shop your bike would receive the first season of free unlimited tune ups and checkups by Bosch certified mechanics.

Huiskamp has an E-bike and loves it and she has gotten her friends to get an E-bike so they can get out and ride with Lynn on her 20 milers. On an E-bike you can tackle hills and longer distances with the battery assistance. You can bike at your own speed or ramp it up with High Intensity when you are ready to be challenged and you get to spend time outside in the fresh air!

Stop in at Art Doyle’s Spokes and Pedals at 607 2nd Street in downtown Hudson, Wisconsin and you will be amazed at all of the bikes on display there; they offer fantastic technical support and service to ensure you have a great fit with your new bike. Try an E-bike for the thrill of the Huiskamp “wheee!” factor.