Here are the participants of the 35th Annual 5K and 10K Dam Days Family Run. Submitted photo
Here are the participants of the 35th Annual 5K and 10K Dam Days Family Run. Submitted photo

Submitted by Terry A. Milller, Dam Days Family Run

SPRING VALLEY, WI – This year for the 2017 Dam Days Family Run we had 35 runner entries.  Again “Vibrant Health” of River Falls, Spring Valley and Ellsworth, Wisconsin were our primary sponsors for this 35th Annual 5K and 10K Dam Days Family Run in Spring Valley.  The race was held on a stormy Saturday morning, September 16, 2017 during the 50th Anniversary of the Spring Valley Lions Club sponsored Dam Days Celebration.

This year for the event we went with online registration for the race using the promoter Zapevents and also same day registration.  Over half the runners elected to use online registration.  We will again use online registration for the 2018 Dam Days running events. The online registration speeds up the morning of the event assembly.  I have been organizing the event for the Lions Club since 1988 and have been joined by my wife Lisa Miller for the last 20 years to help with organizing and facilitating the event.  Over this period the event has had as few as 20 runners and as many as 43 runners.  With greater advertising and an online exposure we hope to increase the number going forward. Lisa and I are both marathon runners and enjoy helping the Lions organize this healthy experience for the annual community celebration.

An early morning thunderstorm finally gave way to allow us to send the event off and running at about 08:20 that morning.  For the first time since I became the race director in 1988 were we were forced into a 20-minute rain delay as runners waited for the storm to pass and an all clear to start. There were 13 runners in the 10K event; and the 5K event which was added just 3 years ago had 22 runners taking off. 

  The winner of this year’s 10K event was 26-year-old Ian Schoenke of Ellsworth Wisconsin with a winning time of 43:06.  The winner of the 5K event this year was 23-year-old Brandon Biggs of Spring Valley with a time of 22:36. 

This year’s Dam Days Family Run raised over $450.00 dollars for the Spring Valley Lions Club.  The proceeds for this race have always gone to the Spring Valley Lions Club for their work serving the local community and the fantastic service projects of the 100-year-old International Lions Club.

Again, I would like to thank our sponsor Vibrant Health for purchasing a portion of the runner’s long sleeve T-shirts and for help in advertising and promoting the event.  This year our sponsor also provided each runner with a backpack.  In addition, the following local businesses provided promo contributions that were inside each backpack.  These local business promo sponsors were and are worthy of mention: Team Oil, Napa Auto Parts, Spring Valley Drug, Arneson’s Insurance, Sneakers Pub, Cady Cheese, Spring Valley Dentistry and Stockman’s Farm Supply.

Keep training everyone and we will see you next year for another great Dam Days Family Fun Run race!