The Village of Spring Valley Board started the new year with a full agenda at their meeting on Wednesday, January 2. Photo by Paul J. Seeling
The Village of Spring Valley Board started the new year with a full agenda at their meeting on Wednesday, January 2. Photo by Paul J. Seeling

SPRING VALLEY, WI – The Village of Spring Valley Board started the new year with a full agenda at their January meeting on Wednesday the 2nd.

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m. by President Marsha Brunkhorst with all Trustees present for the Roll Call with the meeting being held in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall.

The Board approved the December 5, 2018 regular board meeting minutes, as was the Approval of the Agenda.

A Public Hearing was convened for the Dan Connors Dandy Properties – W124 south Second Street request to rezone from Business/Commercial to Residential R-1. The Village Consulting Engineer/Cedar Corp. has recommended that the rezone be to R-3 Multiple Residential to allow greater flexibility to the Village and the potential new property owner. Thus, the action was tabled to allow for publication of a new Class II (two publications) Public Hearing Notice that is scheduled to be held on January 30, 2019 at 6:15 p.m. with the regular board meeting. There was no pubic input on this item other than comments from Dr. Connors who has a ready buyer for the property.

The Public Hearing was convened next for two representatives of Cedar Corp. providing the updates Water System Improvements for the 2017 Community Development Block Grant – Public Facilities Program (CDBG-PF). There were no citizens present for the hearing as the following were discussed: 1. Eligible CDBG activities. 2. Discuss CDBG-PF project and progress to date. 3. Citizen input regarding the progress of the project and other CDBG activities. 4. Identification of any community development needs by the public. Residents of the Village of Spring Valley were encouraged to attend, especially residents with low to moderate incomes. None were present.

“Appearances” were the next item on the agenda and Aaron Bosshart presented to the Board ideas for consideration for playground improvements at the existing playground at Handy Park with new equipment for children between the ages of 5 and 12.

The Board asked questions and the item was to be sent to the Municipal Development Committee for study with Bosshart.

The meeting then proceeded to “Agenda: Discussion/action items”:

1. Dandy Properties – rezoning W124 South Second Street from Business/Commercial to Residential R-1, This item was tabled per the earlier discussion in the Public Hearing with action scheduled for the next Board meeting.

2. Jaeger/EMC insurance claim. This was discussed, and the Board directed the Village Clerk to make the claim with the Village insurance company, even as the restitution is a requirement of Jaeger’s probation terms with Pierce County Court.

3. Approve NEO Electric pay application. Approved.

4. Set a date for final interviews Full Time police officer. The Chief would interview three candidates the following week, moving to two ASAP after the initial interviews.

5. Public Works updates were made by Trustee Andy Vorlicek. Tim Howe’s last day working for Spring Valley was on the 1st.  There are three applicants for the position to be interviewed.

The lift station in the Industrial Park needs a new pump with a repair estimate of $9,500 or replcament estimate being $11,000.

6. Pay requests/Treasurer’s report. Approved.

7. Confirm February 2019 meeting date of January 30, 2019. Confirmed.

• Police – monthly update. Chief DuBois reported that Holiday period was good. New Year’s was peaceful in the Village with no events to report. He reported that there were 788 incidents in 2018 and that was down from 2017. There is an AED emergency heart device coming for the Village Hall.

Committees that met during the month – Action may be taken on committee proposals

• Library – No report.

• Emergency Services – No report.

Clerk’s Report – Nomination Papers discussed. Taxes would be in in February.

President’s Report – Reported that she had received a glowing report from the State on the excellent work done on behalf of the Village for the Development Block Grant – Public Facilities Program by Lynn McIntyre, Grant Administrator, Cedar Corporation.

There was a Closed Session regarding an employee contract resolution.

The meeting was adjourned following the return to Open Session.