Santa and Saddie Larson strike a similar pose for Santa Day 2018 in Elmwood. Photo by Paul J. Seeling
Santa and Saddie Larson strike a similar pose for Santa Day 2018 in Elmwood. Photo by Paul J. Seeling

ELMWOOD, WI – Elmwood’s 2018 Santa Day was held last Saturday, December 15 on a bright sunny afternoon that surely helped for a great turn-out. The great weather made it easy for families to bring the kids to see the jolly old fellow in the bright red suit trimmed in white fir.

The Elmwood Community Club sponsors Santa Day and he is helped by Miss Elmwood Taylin Delong and her Royal Court of First Princess Araya Carson and Princess Baily Ginsbach with Jr. Miss Elmwood Riley Ginsbach and Jr. Princess Taylor Asher. Volunteers for the event included 4-H Club members as well as Community Club members.

Guesstimates were that over one hundred kids met with Santa to share their list of things they would like for Christmas and each one received a nice treat bag and assurance that Santa and the reindeer would be stopping by their house on Christmas Eve.

Many of the Elmwood area children enjoyed ringing the sleigh bells that Rudolph had sent with Santa to let him know that Santa was staying in touch (kind of like a smart phone only better).

The historic Elmwood Auditorium was once again where Santa sat on his big white chair and greeted all his young friends from the area while having their memorable pictures taken with Santa.

There was face painting, games, treats and other activities for the kids to enjoy in addition to talking to Santa and signing Christmas songs with him.

Speaking of talking to Santa, the Sun-Argus was able to spend a few minutes with Old St. Nick in between his sessions with the kids and he had a few things to report that he said we could report to you our trusted readers.

“Things are running on schedule for Christmas 2018. We have two toy factories running this year. But we could use some more elves to help with the work,” Santa said.

Mr. Claus once again parked his sleigh on the big hill west of Elmwood in a nice pasture where his reindeer could graze and rest while Santa met his friends in the Village, and he could get their precious “Want Lists” for Christmas presents.

Out in the pasture he met his farm friends from Rudd’s Belgians who brought him into town with a team of two big draft horses pulling a wagon. While Santa was meeting with his friend’s, other kids and their families took nice wagon rides around the Village of Elmwood pulled by Bud Rudd’s Belgians.

It was another great Santa Day in Elmwood and Santa said to say, “Merry Christmas everyone, I’ll be stopping by your place soon!”