The Elmwood Village Board concluded their May meeting and talked afterwards. Photo by Paul J. Seeling
The Elmwood Village Board concluded their May meeting and talked afterwards. Photo by Paul J. Seeling

ELMWOOD, WI – The Elmwood Village Board met for May on Monday, May 13, 2019 in the historic Village Auditorium Dining Room. The regular Board meeting of the Village of Elmwood for May was called to order by Village President Bill Stewart. Present were Trustees: Paul Unser, Marge Binkowski, Doug Claflin, Rick Stohr and Richard Jones. Absent from the meeting was Trustee Josh Bleskacek. Also in attendance were Village Clerk Amy Wayne and Police Chief Officer Delton Hoyt and Jamie Reitz of Public Works.

The meeting followed the posted agenda and with a quorum was in compliance with the Open Meeting law.

Item 4 was the Approval of minutes. The minutes were approved unanimously.

Agenda Item 5 was the period for Public Input. There was none with the exception of Trustee Jones presenting to the Board for consideration an idea for some kind of July Clean-up Month. This idea presented the concept of promoting to the community doing a Village-wide clean-up in July by residents prior to the annual UFO Days celebration. One thought Jones suggested would be for a Trustee to do a ride around with Police Chief Hoyt to talk to residents that might need some encouragement at their property for some sprucing up. Jones suggested this is something to consider as there are so many visitors coming into Elmwood for UFO Days that the Village would want to make a good impression.

Item 6 – Board of Review (BOR) Information Update – The BOR will be held on Tuesday, May 28 at 5 p.m. Prior to the BOR will be the Open Book on Tuesday, May 21, for those who have received a notice from the Assessor’s Office with a valuation change that we wish to have addressed by the Village Board. You must attend the Open Book; if you don’t, you cannot make a claim at the Board of Review.

Item 7 – 2019-2020 Committee Appointments – The Village President has made the appointments and a sheet with those was distributed for the Trustees and public. They will be listed at some point on the Village website.

Items 8 & 9 – Approve & Award Local Road Improvement Project (LRIP) Bid – Shaw Avenue & Approve Shaw Avenue Financing – Three bids were received for the project; Jamie Reitz described the project as being done in potentially three phases and that was how the bid was packaged. There were three bids received and CBS² Engineering (project engineers) suggested that the low bid not be awarded as there are some outstanding issues for that firm. After some discussion a motion was made to accept the bid of Haas and Sons for $164,000 for all three phases to be completed as one contract; the motion was seconded and approved with one abstention as was approval of financing for the project. A small portion will be paid by Pierce County with state funds and the remainder will be financed with a ten-year low interest loan (4.25 percent) with the State Land Trust Fund.

Items 10 – Approve Removing Dolores Radtke from Band Signature Card – Approved unanimously.

Items 11 – Approve Adding Richard Jones to the Band Signature Card – Approved unanimously.

Item 12 – Approve Installation of Outside Electrical Box at 422 W. Winter Avenue. This will allow for vendor use during UFO Days and will only be active for billing one month out of 12. Approved unanimously.

Item 13 – Approve Operator’s License (Michaela E Oellrich – Kern’s Kurbside). Background check was okay. Approved unanimously.

Item 14 - Committee & Board Reports. Trustee Rick Stroh reported on Public Works and a bit more about the Clark to Shaw Avenue project which may start by the end of this week and must be completed in June. According to Jamie Reitz the work will include removal of the old surface, install new base material and resurfacing with some curb and gutter as needed and will include three new French drains. Trustee Marge Binkowski reported for the Nursing Home Board that it was a good month at Heritage with four admissions, and completion was done on Phase Three of the construction and the home was in the black this month. There is a construction meeting coming up. Trustee Jones stated that the Library Board had a meeting last Wednesday and reported that the Library hours will now be Thursday and Friday. They are still looking for a new Director. Jones also reported for the Police Committee reporting that he had been meeting bi-weekly with the Chief and that communication was good now. Chief Hoyt gave a brief Police report saying that the month of April was busy. There were 37 reportable incidents with 11 tickets or citations issued for the month. There were 5 Assists, 4 items of Criminal incidents, 3 Ordinance items for the month, 14 Service Calls, 11 Traffic related incidents. He also reported attending some training.

Clerk Wayne reported a snowplow day or two did occur in April. “Fuel slips are in and balanced,” Wayne reported.

Item 15 - Payment of Bills. The bills were approved for payment unanimously.

Item 16 – Adjourn. The motion was made and approved unanimously to adjourn the Village of Elmwood May Board Meeting.