This is one of the 6 new decorative Christmas streetlights purchased by the Elmwood Enrichment Council for the Village. Photo by Paul J. Seeling
This is one of the 6 new decorative Christmas streetlights purchased by the Elmwood Enrichment Council for the Village. Photo by Paul J. Seeling

By Paul J. Seeling, Gateway News, with Anna Crownhart, Elmwood Enrichment Council

ELMWOOD, WI – The Elmwood Enrichment Council continues to “enrich” the Village of Elmwood. Recently the group of 18 dedicated ladies donated enough money from their fundraisers to work with the Village to purchase six new decorative Christmas streetlights.

As they have in the past, Elmwood Enrichment Council recognized a need. This year they determined the Village of Elmwood needed some new Christmas lights, so the Elmwood Enrichment Council picked out and bought six of them for throughout the Village. Those lovely lights are now shining brightly with the other Village Christmas decorative lighting throughout the main street of Elmwood.

Co-Enrichment Council President Anna Crownhart said this about the Christmas lighting project the Council paid for, “We selected a Bell, a Snowflake, a Candle, a Christmas tree and two Angels.  We hope people will enjoy them as they drive through Elmwood.” 

Crownhart reported that the Elmwood Enrichment Council was originated in 1988. “When the Enrichment Council started, they hosted a marvelous Christmas Dinner with elaborate Christmas settings including live Christmas trees and live entertainment,” Crownhart stated about the group’s past. She continued, “People looked forward to this celebration.  It was a great way to kick off the Christmas season.  Our members were younger then.  Now it would involve too much.”

The current officers of the Elmwood Enrichment Council are: Co-Presidents Anna Crownhart, and Barb Cepek, Secretary Delores Radtke and Treasurer Donna Lien; there are currently 18 members and they welcome new members.

The Elmwood Enrichment Council holds two fundraisers each year.  They host a well attended spring Salad Luncheon (the next one is April 27, 2019) and a popular Holiday Craft Fair on the 2nd Saturday of November. It is at these two events that the Enrichment Council members volunteer with cooking and serving the tasty food available to help raise the funds they use to “enrich” the Elmwood community.

“The Council cherishes the Auditorium and wants to keep it looking nice. Most of our profits are used for the Auditorium and for other needs in Elmwood.  Our next project is making improvements to the ladies' restroom in the Auditorium,” Crownhart stated.

Here are some of the Enrichment Council’s past projects for making improvements to the Elmwood Auditorium: purchased two stoves, two refrigerators, a microwave oven, and 100 cup coffee pot locally from T & S Hardware. They have restored the hand painted scenic historical stage curtain and purchased new rod and lift mechanism for the curtain. This was a major project that is a real gem in the Auditorium. They have also refurbished two wall paintings beside the stage.

The Enrichment Council members and their husbands reupholstered the theater chairs that line the walls in the auditorium. The Council has also contributed toward the Auditorium sound system. The group purchased long white tables for upstairs use. And they bought the entry door.

In addition to things for their beloved historic Elmwood Auditorium they have paid for a TV for the Elmwood Public Library and made donations to the Elmwood Area Food Pantry. And now the Elmwood Enrichment Council has paid for six new decorative Christmas streetlights for the Village:  A candle, Christmas tree, bell, snowflake and two angels.