Submitted by Tom McCarthy, DPI Communications Director

MADISON, WI – As required by state statute on or by Oct. 15 of each year, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has provided the certified amount each public school district will receive from the $4.656 billion appropriated for general state aid for the 2018-19 school year. This amounts to a $72.75 million (1.6 percent) increase in state general aids compared to last year.

General aid is made up of equalization aid also known as the school aid formula, integration aid also known as Chapter 220 aid, and special adjustment aid also known as hold harmless aid. Fifty-three districts met the aid formula’s hold harmless provision, meaning their aid reduction is generally limited to 15 percent of the prior year’s amount.

Roughly 55 percent of the state’s public school districts (230 of 422) will receive more general state aid this school year than they did in 2017-18. The Friess Lake and Richfield J 1 school districts consolidated on July 1 but are treated as separate districts for general aid payments. General aid is based on 2017-18 audited numbers that include membership, property value, and eligible expenditures. Aid amounts for each public school district can be found on the department’s School Financial Services website, both alphabetically and by percent change.

Program Impact Amount (In Millions) Independent Charter School (2r) 417 Districts* $71.5 Independent Charter School (2x) 16 Districts $2.2 Milwaukee Parental Choice Milwaukee $42.6 Racine Parental Choice Racine $18.3 Special Needs Scholarship 84 Districts $8.4 Wisconsin Parental Choice 256 Districts $50.0 * Five districts receive no state general aid. 2018-19 State General Aid Deductions School membership, which differs from enrollment, increased by 472 full-time equivalent (FTE) students and totaled 855,804 FTE for 2017-18. Growth in FTE figures is due in large part to new pupils enrolled in the Wisconsin Parental Choice and Special Needs Scholarship programs. New students using the Wisconsin, Racine, and Special Needs private school choice programs are counted in membership for state 2018-19 certified general aid.

Here are the amounts for the three school districts in our readership areas:

• Baldwin-Woodville Area – $11,645,819 (Oct 15, 2018-19), $11,825,179 (Oct 15, 2017-18), Change: $ -179,360, Percent of Change: -1.52.

• Elmwood – $2,300,776 (Oct 15, 2018-19), $2,451,924 (Oct 15, 2017-18), Change: $ -151,148, Percent of Change: -6.16.

• Spring Valley – $5,390,064 (Oct 15, 2018-19), $5,273,085, Change: $116,979, Percent of Change:  2.22.