Pictured at the WMEA conference in Madison, Wisconsin are (L to R) Mr. Matt Lamb, Mrs. Chandra Lamb and Mr. Eric Becker. Submitted photo
Pictured at the WMEA conference in Madison, Wisconsin are (L to R) Mr. Matt Lamb, Mrs. Chandra Lamb and Mr. Eric Becker. Submitted photo

Submitted by Mrs. Chandra Lamb, Viking Middle School

WOODVILLE, WI – Baldwin-Woodville Middle School music educators Mr. Eric Becker and Mrs. Chandra Lamb, teachers at Viking Middle School in Woodville, Wisconsin were guest presenters at the Wisconsin Music Educators Association (WMEA) Conference in October in Madison, WI. Mr. Becker and Mrs. Lamb presented with fellow educator Mr. Matt Lamb from Glenwood City Schools on Standards Based assessment in middle school band and choir.

The group was requested to present by the Wisconsin Music Educators Association Conference Committee.

Mrs. Lamb stated, “It was a great opportunity to have a room full of music educators talking about how to best assess student learning in music.”

Each year WMEA asks Music Educators across the state to submit to them what topics are important to them in their music classrooms and what they would like to hear/learn more about.  Standards based grading is a hot topic right now in schools across the state. 

Viking Middle School began using Standards Based grades last year.  Standards based grading is moving away from the traditional 'A' 'B' 'C' system.  Instead the goal is to provide more feedback to students on how they are achieving by each standard.  This way of grading can be a challenge for educators that are using the system for the first time, and this can be magnified in the music performance based classes.  It is so valuable to be able to speak with teachers all over the state, share ideas, and find best practice.  

Because we have been using Standards Based grades, Mr. Becker, Mrs. Lamb, and Mr. Lamb proposed a session that they could present at conference.  This year there were over 250 proposal submissions and they were chosen based on their knowledge and reputation among their colleagues.  

Mr. Becker and Mrs. Lamb are in their 16th year of teaching band and choir.  Mr. Becker has been all 16 years at Viking Middle School.  Mrs. Lamb spent 2 years in Turtle Lake before moving to the Baldwin-Woodville School District.

Mr. Lamb is the Director of Bands and Elementary General Music Teacher for the School District of Glenwood City.  He is in his 26th year of teaching.  Mr. Lamb is Mrs. Lamb's husband.  He and Mr. Becker are friends and enjoy selling fireworks together in the summer.

For several decades, WMEA has served Wisconsin students by providing a sound music education through its members. Currently, more than 2,500 music educators across Wisconsin are active members of their professional organization because they want to make a difference in the educational atmosphere of our state. Every day, WMEA members demonstrate their commitment to music, music education and providing something of lasting value in the lives of their students through excellence in teaching, performing, service and advocacy.