Remembering the fallen soldiers with guest speaker, Major Collin Nevin. Photo by Sydney Dumond
Remembering the fallen soldiers with guest speaker, Major Collin Nevin. Photo by Sydney Dumond

By Sydney Dumond, Gateway News

ELMWOOD, WI – Even though the weather did not want to cooperate, the Memorial Day Service held in the Elmwood Auditorium was still beautiful on Monday, May 27.

Before 11:00 am, folks trickled in to get a seat for the service. The Master of Ceremonies, Vice-Commander Patrick Hines, welcomed the guests and then began the service. Vice-Commander Hines then asked everyone to rise and join him in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Vice-Commander Hines asked Chaplin David Hauschuldt to give the Invocation and lead the people in attendance in the Lord’s Prayer. Following Chaplin Hauschuldt, some members from the Elmwood School District Choir sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.

Vice-Commander Hines thanked the students and invited up guest speaker Major Collin Nevin. Major Nevin gave thanks to the Crain-Ottman Post 207 for inviting him to speak and gave thanks to the folks in the audience for taking time out of their day to remember the fallen.

Major Nevin shared the history of Memorial Day to start his speech. From there Major Nevin went on to tell the crowd uplifting stories to show respect and honor to the fallen soldiers. “While this is a time to mourn, and remember the fallen heroes, we must remember to celebrate the lives they lived and the freedoms they helped provide for this country.”

Vice-Commander Hines thanked Major Nevin and then somberly named the fallen soldiers from the Crain-Ottman Post 207. There was a moment of silence to show respect and gratitude to the soldiers.

Following Vice-Commander Hines, the Elmwood High School Band directed by Emily Borley played “A Salute to Freedom.” Everyone stood and listened to the wonderful music the band played.

Continuing the service, Vice-Commander Hines asked Sgt-at-arms James C. Baier to come to the podium to lead soldiers in a three-volley salute. While the soldiers stood proudly with their rifles at the front of the auditorium, two students from the Elmwood Band played Taps.

The rifle party marched outside to fire the three-volley salute with members from the audience following them out to honor the fallen.

“Have a wonderful rest of your Memorial Day and thank you for attending” was how Vice-Commander Hines concluded the beautiful Elmwood Memorial Day Service.