Celebration Begins. Sophia Tiffany & Rowan Rupakus leaving high school behind together and ready to start their lives. Photo by Sydney Dumond
Celebration Begins. Sophia Tiffany & Rowan Rupakus leaving high school behind together and ready to start their lives. Photo by Sydney Dumond

By Sydney Dumond, Gateway News

ELMWOOD, WI – The Elmwood High School held their Graduation Commencement Ceremony Friday, May 24 for their 17 graduating seniors and 29 eighth graders continuing their education and advancing into high school. Many loving family members and friends gathered in the gymnasium for the celebration.

The Commencement Program began with the Procession of the Elmwood Board of Education followed by the 29 Eighth Grade Graduates walking in to the strains of “Pomp & Circumstance.” As they were seated, the Class of 2019 Procession continued with “Pomp & Circumstance.”

Under the direction of Emily Borley, the Elmwood Band provided the processional music for both classes.

Elmwood Superintendent, Glenn Webb provided welcoming remarks and thanked everyone for attending the graduations. Mr. Webb spoke on the history of education in Elmwood before welcoming Principal Segerstrom to the podium.

Principal Segerstrom spoke highly about the eighth grade class’ energy, excitement, and passion in life. Principal Segerstrom told the students that it is okay to fail. He then shared the acronym of fail: First Attempt In Learning.

“Live every day following your moral compass” was just one of the many words of advice that Principal Segerstrom gave to the eighth-grade class. He told the family and friends in the crowd about how the students had been working on their moral compass throughout the year with the new program at Elmwood called Raider Pride.

Principal Segerstrom ended his encouragement to the eighth graders by reminding them that high school is a fresh start.

“Thank you for all of your hard work and congratulations,” Principal Segerstrom said prior to calling each student forward to receive their Graduation Certificates.

The Elmwood Choir under the direction of Taylor Wallace sang a beautiful rendition of “Come What May.”

Alexia Waltz gave the 2019 Salutatory Address that included “A Thank you” to her teachers, her family and her classmates. Waltz complimented her classmates as being some of the most diverse people and the most diverse class that Elmwood had seen.

“We were the class that broke the most lab equipment,” joked the 2018 Salutatorian.

Alexia concluded the address reminding her classmates that they will always be remembered as the kindest class.

Next was Alyssa Peterson, the Class Valedictorian who also thanked everyone: family, teachers, and administration.

Peterson addressed the eighth-grade class reminding them that, “High school goes by within the blink of an eye.” She smiled, “I know you are all thinking I sound like a broken record, but it really does.”

The Valedictorian spoke of remembrances of growing up together, causing trouble with substitute teachers, and killing bees in classrooms.

Alyssa concluded her address with a challenge to the whole audience, “Don’t forget to live in the moment and feel content in it.”

The Classes chosen Commencement Speaker, Principal Segerstrom, then spoke of the memories he had with the Class of 2019 and granted them wisdom for their futures.

He cautioned the class that they will have times when things won’t go as they had planned, but that is okay. He reminded them that, “life isn’t fair, and it doesn’t keep score.” He advised them to take advantage of when life doesn’t go the way they want it to.

The class has 14 members planning on going on in secondary education and three that are going into the workforce.

He encouraged the graduates to be proud of their accomplishments.

“You are always welcome back here,” he said and lastly told them, “We know you will do great things, don’t forget to keep us in your story!”

With the conclusion of the Commencement speech the Class of 2019 Video Presentation that was created by the School Publications Class was shown. It was a very nice production set to music with photos from childhood and up of each member of the class, ending with candid shots of all the graduates.

The Class of 2019 was presented to the School Board for Graduation, and the Presentation of the Diplomas was made by Board President Brook Glaus.

The 2019 Elmwood Commencement concluded with the Recessional of the Class of 2019 and the Eighth-Grade class, followed by the Board of Education to the strains of “Top Gun Anthem.”

A big congratulation to the Elmwood Class of “Twenty 19” and the Middle School Graduates!