Rutabaga Fest. Submitted photo
Rutabaga Fest. Submitted photo

Submitted by Syttende Mai Queen Amber DeLong

WOODVILLE, WI – Hello town of Woodville! These past few weekends we have traveled to Pepper Fest in North Hudson, Pickle Fest in Boyceville, Ox Cart Days in Star Prairie, the Cumberland Rutabaga Fest, and the Ridgeland Fair.

On August 18 we headed to North Hudson for Pepper Fest days. We had a wonderful time at the Queen’s Tea meeting the candidates, meeting new courts and eating breakfast pizza. We also had a wonderful time going through the parade.

On August 19 Libby and Amber headed over to Boyceville and had a wonderful time hanging with the Glenwood Court. We received 3rd in the float contest and took lots of pictures. That same day Abbie enjoyed a wonderful time in Star Prairie visiting a fish farm, taking pictures by the river and eating ice cream. She loved going through the parade waving to all the little boys and girls.

We all had a wonderful time on Friday, August 17 at the Lions Club 23rd Annual Softball Tournament.  We cooked up some “World Famous” hamburgers. We also played softball on the Lions Club’s team and ended up beating the Firemen’s team in the game.

On Sunday, August 26 we enjoyed a wonderful parade and Queen’s Tea in Cumberland. We tried some delicious rutabaga shakes.

Lastly on Labor Day, Monday, September 3 we headed over to Ridgeland and enjoyed a very nice Queen’s Tea with really tasty good food. After the tea we all got some delicious smoothies from a cute little coffee stand. We had a very fun time visiting royalty before the parade. Even though it was rainy we still had a great time going through the parade. We are very excited for our next parades in Glenwood and Osceola.

Your Syttende Mai Court,

Queen Amber DeLong, 1st Princess Libby Whirry, and 2nd Princess Abbie DeLong