Teamster Allan Grass and his horses in the pull from Blair, WI. Photo by Chuck Larson
Teamster Allan Grass and his horses in the pull from Blair, WI. Photo by Chuck Larson

By Paul J. Seeling with Jim Hague, Elmwood Horse Pulling Assoc.

ELMWOOD, WI – The Elmwood Rod and Gun Club hosted their 71st Annual Horse Pull on Sunday, July 15, 2018. This is the longest running Horse Pull competition in the state of Wisconsin. Anyone interested in attending future horse pulls can find the schedules online at

Seven teams weighing under 3200 lbs competed in their class.  Bill Hanson from Chatfield, Minnesota, placed First, Jake Wickum from Menomonie, Wisconsin, placed second and Allan Grass from Blair, Wisconsin placed Third.

Eight teams of Heavyweights (weighing over 3200 lbs) competed in their class. Larry Green from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, placed First, Matt Foss from Kenyon, Minnesota placed Second, and John Loomis and his team from Mondovi, Wisconsin placed third.  

The teams compete for cash prizes and trophies with $125 for First and lesser amounts to Second and Third Place winners.  

If you aren’t familiar with horse pulling it is a sport that has been around for decades or longer and involves a team of draft horses that pull a boat also called a sled with a specific weight load a given distance if possible.

It is very interesting to watch, and the horses are magnificent to see as they work together to pull the loaded sled.

According to the website, the boat or sled is a friction pull to where the runners or flat bottom it has on the ground, create friction with the ground it is running against. This weight could change at any time throughout a load determined by the ground it is sliding on. Just because they say the weight is 7,000 lbs. on the boat, will not mean that it is 7,000 lbs. for every team, that is pulling it. It could easily be 1,000 lbs. lighter or heavier for some other team depending where, on the track, it is sitting. Don't forget the friction is causing some weight conflict also. 

Most spectators seem to understand the boat better, because it is dead weight they can visually see, but what they don't know is that the weight they are looking at isn't necessarily the same for all teams.

Jim Hauge of the Elmwood Pulling Association reported that they charge $5 for admission and their ticket gives them a chance to win cash prizes in a drawing held at the Fall Sportsman’s Banquet. Jim also reported they usually have between 150 and 200 people in attendance for their annual pull at the Elmwood Rod and Gun Club.

Put mid-July on your calendar for next year’s 72nd Annual Horse Pull at the Elmwood Rod and Gun Club.