SPRING VALLEY, WI – From its humble beginnings at the home of Margy Balwierz where 5 people met to discuss the possibility of such a group, to its very own office on McKay Avenue in Spring Valley, Spring Valley Seniors Staying Put has made remarkable progress in the past 2 and a half years. Even its founding members are little surprised by the resounding success of this organization.

“We’re here,” said Volunteer Coordinator Kathy Nyeggen. “We are now a physical presence.”

“Here” is the former Cardinal Kado Insurance office attached to the First Bank of Baldwin/Spring Valley branch. This space is affordable due to the generosity of First Bank of Baldwin. If you’d like a look inside this cozy office, stop in between the hours of 2-5p on Monday; 12-3p on Tuesday or 10-1p on Thursday.

There you will find pamphlets and newsletters with everything you ever wanted to know about this community-minded organization. All your questions will be graciously answered. Whether you are thinking about becoming a volunteer, or would like to avail yourself of the many services SVSSP offers, Nyeggen can help you.

“When Jay Arneson learned that we were looking for a space,” said Nyeggen, “He suggested contacting Chief Operating Officer of the bank, Shane Bauer.” According to Arneson, the bank had been thinking about leasing the empty office, thereby providing affordable space for a non-profit organization.

“We decided to work with them (SVSSP) to get into the new space for a couple of reasons,” said Bauer. “First, they have been growing and had a need for more space, and we had available space. The space isn’t huge, and they didn’t need a large space, so it was a natural fit for both. Secondly, communities need a healthy ‘main street.’ SVSSP adds a new store front and additional activity on ‘main street,’ and that is good for the community.”

He continued, “I think SVSSP adds value to the community by providing an option to seniors who wish to continue living in their homes. Spring Valley is fortunate in that they have a wonderful senior living option in Spring Valley Health Care Center; SVSSP provides an option for seniors in the community.”

Once the lease was signed, moving day was next. Donated furniture from board members, the bank and others helped fill the empty space and make it a functional office.

When one looks back at the past two and a half years, the progress really has been amazing. To date, 58 volunteers have given 2,000 hours in service to 33 clients. The number of services totals 1,300.

The group has a Facebook page, an email address (ssp@gmail.com) a website (springvalleystayingput.org), and a quarterly newsletter. To receive the newsletter, simply call (715) 778-5800 and a friendly volunteer will make sure your name is added to the mailing list.

Should you want to volunteer, a training session is in the works for January of 2017. Again, call the above number to have your name added to the list. And if you’d like to make use of the many services SVSSP has to offer (rides to local events, medical appointments, light housekeeping or food preparation, socialization etc.), it’s only a phone call away.

Spring Valley Seniors Staying Put is an example of what can happen when dedicated, determined people come together to improve their community through “Caring, Connecting and Contributing.” Donations are always welcome and are tax deductible. Also, the group needs a round conference table, chairs, lamps and art work.

On December 4 an Open House is scheduled from 11:00-3:00 pm. Coffee, cider and cookies will be available. Stop in or attend the Open House on December 4 to learn more about these remarkable opportunities in your very own community.