Submitted by Chris Jensen

SPRING VALLEY, WI -- The SV class of ’71 is having annual reunions beginning with  Saturday, August 12, 2017. Will be held at Rick and Peg’s Pleasant View party shed 1-4 p.m.

Order appetizers/food on your own.

No invites, a few phone calls/texts only. All who had current emails, were sent out notice May 14 and a reminder July 26. Let others know please.

New email address? Please leave message at 715 772-4475. 

In view of the fact we lost another classmate June 1 (David Finch), one never knows how short our time here is. A little portion of his obit. “He loved Jesus, people who loved Jesus, joking around, and republicans. He loved this country, his wife, and his children (grands/great grands).” Proud also about his serving in Army.

So…bring pictures, etc. Thanks… Chris (G-H) Jensen