Submitted by Sandra Radkey, UW Extension – PC

ELLSWORTH, WI – Weeds are the enemy in gardens and landscapes, causing frustration and even heartbreak for gardeners and homeowners. The battle against weeds takes many forms depending on the location, the weeds involved, and other factors. It’s a battle we can win, however, with proper management and prevention techniques. There are ways to reduce labor and have a beautiful landscape or productive garden with minimal weeds among your desired plants.

Diana Alfuth, UW-Extension Horticulture Outreach specialist, will help you learn about ways to control weeds in your lawns, gardens and landscapes. Information about different types of weeds, how to identify weeds, different prevention methods, and control of weeds will be covered.

The “Managing Weeds in Gardens, Lawns and Landscapes” class will be held on May 15, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. in the upper level community room at the River Falls Public Library, 140 Union Street, River Falls. The class is free, but space is limited so pre-registration is required. To reserve a spot in the class, please call the Pierce County UW-Extension office at (715) 273-6781.  For more information, contact