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Sunday, September 22, 2019
  • My Gateway News FAQ
    Here are some frequently asked questions about If you have a question not covered on this page, please feel free to send it to us via our "Feedback" form. Thanks!

    1. What is My Gateway News?
    My Gateway News is your community resource for what's what and who's who in the Spring Valley, Elmwood, Woodville and surrounding areas. To learn more about My Gateway News check out some of the other pages in this section!

    2. Why the name?
    My Gateway News got its name from its parent company, Gateway Publishing. Gateway Publishing also prints the Spring Valley/Elmwood Sun-Argus, Woodville Leader, Valley Values Shopper, and ADRC News publications.

    3. I already subscribe to the local paper. Why should I visit My Gateway News?
    While My Gateway News draws some of its content from the Sun-Argus and Woodville Leader, both have exclusive content as well, meaning some of the content posted on our site can only be found here. Likewise, there are other things you will only find in our newspapers or e-news editions. Additionally, as our products continue growing to meet the needs of the community, they will also continue setting themselves apart from each other, while continuing to focus on our main purpose: informing and bringing together the communities we serve. In short, the only way to get everything we have to offer is to read the newspapers, and visit the web site as well.

    4. I submitted something (news, photo, comment) and it isn't showing up anywhere. Where is it?
    All submissions are first checked for content before being posted. Our staff updates My Gateway News daily, so check back soon!

    5. When are your Email Updates sent out?
    We send out Email Updates once a week, on Wednesday at 8:00 pm. You can subscribe to Email Updates here.

    6. Why does it take articles longer to appear on My Gateway News than it does in the newspapers?
    Being that My Gateway News is offered at no cost to the public, we publish content to the site at a frequency that is deemed appropriate by our staff. The only way you are guaranteed to get the news as soon as it becomes available is to subscribe to one of our print or online editions. However, we will post to the website as information is made available in the case of breaking news that we think our community should know as soon as possible. In these instances we will send out a notification via the breaking news feature on our Email Updates system.

    7. I subscribed to one of your online editions, but I don't know how to log in! How do I read the online edition?
    After you subscribe to our online edition you can view it simply by using the same link you did to purchase. Either hit the "subscriptions" button on the left hand navigation and select your desired online edition, or hover your mouse over the "subscriptions" tab on the top navigation and select your desired edition. From there you can click to the appropriate login page.

    Please use the contact links at the bottom of the site for any additional questions or comments you may have.


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