This is a picture is of the St. Paul Winter Carnival Royal Family and all the Visiting Royal Ambassadors. Submitted photo
This is a picture is of the St. Paul Winter Carnival Royal Family and all the Visiting Royal Ambassadors. Submitted photo

Submitted by the 2016-17 Woodville Syttende Mai Court

Where to start? How about right when I arrived. I met my wonderful roommates, Dominique and Kristiana, and we all became very close. Then we went down to the snack room that was open almost all the time, it was pretty great. While down there I started to become close with many local royalties including Cumberland, Osceola, Hudson, and Osseo.

Thursday went by in a flash. That night we had the Moonlight parade which was bitter cold, but a lot of fun. I wanted to stay up and go swimming and mingle with other people, but my roommates and myself fell asleep at like 10:30.

The next day came way too early, but was my favorite day. We all attempted to paint a castle, even though some were better than others, it was still a blast. After that we learned a lot of interesting stuff about the history of Winter Carnival. When that was finished, we got changed to have food at the college and go ice-skating or visiting museums. That night we had the Royal Coronation. That itself was an amazing experience, especially the wonderful food. Then back to the hotel where we stayed up and talked for hours.

Then there was Saturday which was not quite as busy. My two favorite parts of Saturday was eating McDonald’s and meeting and taking pictures with the new crowned Winter Carnival court. Then came Sunday which was a bittersweet goodbye.

Thank you to everyone who made my time at Winter Carnival a blast and to the people of Woodville for letting me represent you and our town.

~2016-17 Syttende Mai 2nd Princess Megan Suckow

All year long our Syttende Mai Court was treated like true royalty. With the help of The Queens Committee, other courts, and our parents, we lived a fairytale. In January, our whole court had the opportunity to attend the St. Paul Winter Carnival.

The amazing advisors and coordinators made each of our experiences unique and extremely memorable. From ice-skating and concerts in Rice park, to staying up late talking and playing games with my roommates, the stay in St. Paul was an event like no other. I would suggest that everyone attend the events in St. Paul at least once, for it was an unforgettable experience that I am so grateful for.

Thank you, mom and dad for providing the funds for me to attend, and thank you Jessica for letting us experience this with you.

~2016-17 Syttende Mai 1st Princess Karissa Danielson

First of all, I would love to thank the Queens Committee for funding me on going on this wonderful trip to Winter Carnival, and giving me the wonderful opportunity to buy the most beautiful dress that I got to wear on the Royal Coronation night! It was a lot of fun staying at the Holiday Inn, where all of the visiting royal ambassadors got to eat many meals together and do an ice castle painting with Cheers Pablo as well as meeting the newly crowned Princesses and Princes of the Winds and Queen Aurora and King Boreas Rex.

We got to stay there for four days from January 26 to January 29. On Friday, we got to go to the Royal Coronation of the Queen of Snows and the Princesses of the Winds. Once the coronation started all the visiting ambassadors got to go on stage and introduce themselves and where they are from. This year I got to introduce myself and my two beautiful Princesses Karissa and Megan. The food was fantastic and elegant. I got to make so many long-lasting friendships and taking as many pictures as I could.

Each day, there were so many fun things planned by the coordinators of the Visiting Royal Ambassador program. Our very own Syttende Mai judge Denise Sempf was there. When I came home on Sunday, I took a nap for hours. Winter Carnival is the coolest celebration on earth!

~2016-17 Syttende Mai Queen Jessica Moor