The Baker's Woodville BP is now the Woodville BP. Pictured (L to R) Steve and Cheryl Baker, Janna, Jenny, Julia, James, Jeremiah and JR Krueger. Photo by Paul J. Seeling
The Baker's Woodville BP is now the Woodville BP. Pictured (L to R) Steve and Cheryl Baker, Janna, Jenny, Julia, James, Jeremiah and JR Krueger. Photo by Paul J. Seeling

WOODVILLE, WI – Cheryl and Steve Baker were all smiles last Friday, March 31 as they closed the sale of what was their two Woodville enterprises to the James and Jennifer (Jenny) Krueger family of Wilson, Wisconsin. The Krueger’s and their four children (all home schooled): JR (James Riley) age 20, Jeremiah age 17, Janna age 14, and Julia age 10, were also all smiles as they began their ownership of the Woodville BP Convenience store and the Woodville Motel.

The Bakers bought the Woodville Motel in January in 2007 and demolished the old gas station on the property and built the new BP gas station convenience store.

The BP station store was opened to the delight of the community and Interstate highway travelers in June of 2008.

There was a bit of confusion and concern on Friday morning as a yellow construction tape with the words “CAUTION DO NOT ENTER” cordoned off the gas pumps, parking and front entry from admittance from 8 am to noon. Many passersby called the BP concerned that the store may have been robbed. But no, it was just closed for the morning to do the inventory prior to the business sale closing.

The Bakers have been living in their new home in Kentucky since last April where Cheryl telecommutes for her work with CVS Health and Steve does commodity trading.

The Bakers and Kruegers both wanted people to know that all the current managers and employees will be remaining on staff with the Woodville BP and Woodville Motel.

Cindy Myers is the General Manger and Gwen Wittmer is the Motel Front Desk and Housekeeping Manager.

Cheryl shared these thoughts with the Woodville Leader, “We have enjoyed being a part of the community and love everyone very much. But, we are thrilled to be turning our business over to this wonderful young family.” She continued by saying, “The success we’ve enjoyed here the last ten years is due to our wonderful staff and the support we received from our mentor’s Steve Jerlow and Bob Michaels of Bob and Steve’s Stores, of which the Woodville BP is an affiliate and from our fantastic customers.”

Baker concluded, “We are lovin’ life in Corbin, Kentucky, the birth place of Col. Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken!”

The Krueger family is entering their first foray into retail, but not business. James has been building houses in St. Croix County since 1995 with his Waters Edge Construction. He weathered the recession and construction downturn by starting Integrity Flooring and More that does wood floor installation and sanding.

Jennifer and oldest son JR said, “We are thankful for Steve and Cheryl’s support and the support of the staff, as well as that of Bob and Steve. They are great mentors for the motel and convenience store. We are looking forward to continuing the tradition they have established.”

James said, “We are grateful to Joe Fisher with Royal Credit Union, the SBA and the Regional Business Fund and the assistance of Bill Rubin with the St. Croix County EDC.”

Congratulations to our old friends the Bakers, you will be missed in our community and congratulations and welcome to Woodville Kruegers!