Connie & David Jones with their environmentally friendly 5 kilo Revelation Coffee Roaster by US Roaster Corp. Photo by Paul J. Seeling
Connie & David Jones with their environmentally friendly 5 kilo Revelation Coffee Roaster by US Roaster Corp. Photo by Paul J. Seeling

SPRING VALLEY, WI – Creekside Coffee Company is owned by David and Connie Jones of Spring Valley, Wisconsin; they are a delightful couple of retirement age health care professionals.

Dave is an RN and Connie is a Physical Therapist, who found it increasingly difficult to truly make a difference in the quality of life of their patients within the profit driven environment they were working in.  They wanted to pursue something that they were both passionate about and could continue with in retirement. Creating delicious hand roasted coffee is now part of their mission.

After discussion, research and hanging out with Pete Esanbock (who with wife Barb formerly had a coffee roasting company) in March of 2015 they began the transition of creating Creekside Coffee Company and by October they had started their small local coffee-roasting venture.

Connie said, “We decided that this is what we wanted to do.”

The Joneses credit Esanbock, whom they had been buying coffee from for 10 years or more, with sharing much with them about the art of roasting quality coffee beans.

“We became coffee snobs long ago, enjoying really good coffee from Pete and Barb,” David said with a smile.

Their research led them to US Roaster Corp of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that was started by a man 33 years ago, who had repaired coffee bean roasters and decided to manufacture a high quality roasting system of his own.

In addition to having a machine custom built for them, David and Connie spent three days at US Roaster Corp receiving the training for their exceptional investment.

Now housed in a separate sunny addition of their lovely home on the banks of the Eau Galle River is an environmentally friendly gas powered 5 kilo Revelation Coffee Roaster by US Roaster Corp that is non-polluting, does not emit any unpleasant odors as well as helping to reuse the heat it generates for the roasting and to help warm the building.

This reporter had an interesting conversation with David and Connie, learning that they roast only fair trade and organic specialty grade coffee beans producing 6 tasty coffee offerings that include one that is decaffeinated.

Connie stressed how important it is to her and to David that they buy only fair trade and organic beans. Fair trade means that they are buying beans from small coffee farmers who have pooled together into co-ops to be able to sell to larger markets and get a fair price for their products.

In this case that may mean a women’s only group that is raising the coffee, hand picking to harvest the beans and getting them to market.

“Most people don’t really know what it takes to get the green beans from the plant to the roasted brown beans, then ground and brewed in your favorite coffee cup,” Connie stated.

Here are the areas that Creekside Coffee Company is currently buying from: Mexico Chiapas, Honduras, Peru, Sumatra Aceh (Malaysia) and Rwanda.

Also in our conversation, the Jones shared the many details of what “Specialty Grade” for coffee roasting means. This is a learned scientific method of “cupping” that the roasters are trained to do. It is scored from 0 to 100 and Creekside Coffee specialty grade coffees are scored at 85 or higher; this is your sign of quality as well as great flavor and aroma.

Of course, you will pay a bit more for specialty grade coffee than the larger common brands, but you are guaranteed to taste the difference. It is always smooth and mellow and it is a clean taste that is never bitter.

David recommends that you should read the labels to find out what grades and percentage of types of coffee are in the package.

“Suffice it to say, the ‘Best Buy’ date is up to years in a can or plastic jug, which means a lot less flavor and zero aroma. Taste and smell are hand in hand when you brew your coffee,” he said.

Connie and David roast on Wednesday and Saturdays to assure the freshest coffee.

Those beautiful cobalt blue bags of fresh Creekside Coffee are available at the Spring Valley Bakery where they serve the “Spring Valley Bakery Blend.” That is a rich blend of African and Indonesian beans, roasted dark for the perfect union (superb with those SV Bakery treats). You will also find those bright cobalt blue bags of fresh Creekside Coffee at the Spring Valley Drug & Hardware, Dragonfly and Damsel Jewelry shop, Cady cheese and Maple Leaf Orchard.

You can also order direct from the Creekside Coffee Company website at for mail orders or pickup on Wednesdays or Saturdays by appointment.

Connie said in closing our conversation, “We are blown away by the support of the people we have met and have bought our coffee!”