Mr. Claus (Tony Baier) and a young lady in her pretty Christmas dress. Photo by Missy Hubbard-Roatch
Mr. Claus (Tony Baier) and a young lady in her pretty Christmas dress. Photo by Missy Hubbard-Roatch

By Paul J. Seeling, Gateway News, with Kathy Geraets and Missy Hubbard-Roatch

ELMWOOD, WI – The weather outside was frightful last Saturday, December 17, 2016, when Santa Claus came to the Village of Elmwood for his annual “Santa Day” visit. There was a good turnout to visit with Santa considering how harsh the weather was with over six inches of snow overnight and some cold temperatures hovering around zero and that’s without wind-chill factored in.

Everyone came bundled up for the weather and enjoyed the cozy warm atmosphere inside the historic Elmwood Auditorium.

Normally Mr. C. would park his sleigh on the big hill west of Elmwood in a nice pasture where his reindeer could graze and rest while Santa met his friends in the Village, and he could get their precious “Want Lists” for Christmas presents.

Out in the pasture he would meet his farm friends who would bring him into town with a team of draft horses pulling a wagon and then kids and their families could get wagon rides around the Village before or after visiting with Santa.

Unfortunately for us all, the weather precluded the horse drawn wagon delivery for Santa again this year. Last year one of the horses came up lame. And it was too cold for wagon rides around the Village this year.

So this year old Santa dialed up the elves on his trusty special elf-built ice blue colored North Pole Smarty-phone 7, and asked them if they could give him a revised flight plan into Elmwood this year. They were able to do that for Old St. Nick and the reindeer dropped him off at the front door of the auditorium for his 2016 Santa Day visits.

Good thing the reindeer got Santa to the Auditorium on time too, because there were 44 (that was about half as many as usually come to Santa Day) of his good Elmwood friends that came to see him and have a chat and give Santa their, “List.” All the kids got a nice goodie bag of treats being good girls and boys.

After meeting with Santa and having a picture taken with him the kids got to play games, do fun crafts to take home and have a snack. Everyone, youngsters and adults that came to Santa Day in Elmwood, registered for the drawing for a door prize when they arrived for the afternoon at the Auditorium. The winners of the door prizes are as follows: Micah Bengston (adult winner) – a nice cookie jar. A big plush snowman was won by Arthur Delong.

All this fun for “Santa Day in Elmwood,” was sponsored by the wonderful volunteer folks of the Elmwood Community Club with the help of Miss Elmwood Rebekah Connell and Princess Sophia Tiffany!