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Submitted by Maggie Cogbill, Western Wisconsin Health

BALDWIN, WI -- Western Wisconsin Health is excited to announce that we are starting a community garden on our new Western Wisconsin Health Campus.  We’re looking for gardeners who are interested in renting plots. The goal is to have the garden ready by May 15, 2017 (weather permitting).

The garden will be located on the west side of the building behind the new fitness center and therapeutic pool. Community members are invited to rent plots for a minimal cost in order to grow vegetables and/or annuals. A variety of plot sizes are available, along with a limited number of raised garden beds.

Reserve your plot today:

  • 10’ x 20’ plots available.
  • Special sizes available upon request.
  • A limited number of raised garden beds are available upon request.
  • Cost: $15 each; $10 refundable at year-end if you take care of your garden the entire season.
  • Orientation offered to pre-registered gardeners in early May. The date is TBA.

Western Wisconsin Health is currently recruiting volunteers to help with preparing the site, ongoing maintenance, and cleanup. We are also looking for a Volunteer Community Garden Leader to assist with the project.  For information about plot rental, preparation, or to volunteer, please contact Amanda Gustafson, Director of Community Relations, at 715-684-1595 or via email at