Submitted by Jacqueline Pooler, Plum City Public LIbrary

PLUM CITY, WI – The feel of camping: the smell of grass, sand between your toes and the warm breeze across your face and hair! 

“Oh, if only it was summer,” you might lament as you look outside and see the snow blowing across the yard. Well, come to the Plum City Public Library and feel the warmth of our winter reading event with Camp Readaway.

Camp Readaway is your summer reading program away from summer, running February 15 through March 22, 2017. Come to the library and pick up a bingo sheet or print one off of our webpage,

Choose to read a red book, a scary book or one that was just published in 2017. Whatever way you want to play bingo is your choice. Bring in your completed bingo and receive a chance of win one of multiple prizes. It is that easy! On these cold dreary days, you now have an excuse to curl up in a chair with a good book or with your favorite audio player and enjoy!